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Here at Blue ox tree care, we love trees! But sometimes, removing a tree may be the best option. When the location of an overgrown tree is problematic, large roots start to crack a home's foundation, if a tree is beyond structural repair and is posing a threat to your house and your family's safety, or the tree is dead or in irreversible decline, then it may be time to remove it.


Our highly experienced ISA Certified Arborists at Blue Ox Tree Care can help you make the proper assessment to determine if the tree in question should be removed.


Once the decision to remove a tree has been made, it is certainly a very dangerous endeavor. Attempting to remove a tree on your own is not recommended! At Blue Ox Tree Care, safety is our highest priority. Our licensed and insured professionals have the proper equipment and experience necessary to safely and carefully remove your tree, protecting your family and property!

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