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Tree Trimming

Proper trimming is important for your tree's overall health. There are many reasons to prune your trees. Dead, diseased, and heavy, structurally defective branches that could break may pose a threat to your property and your family's safety, and should be properly trimmed. 


Proper trimming can improve the shape and structure of your trees, allowing for just the right amount of light and airflow into the canopy. And if you have fruit trees, they will be healthier, and will produce more consistent yields. 


Improper trimming however, is often the cause of poor tree health and potential decline, and can also be extremely dangerous! Therefore, with the health of your trees in mind it is imperative that they are trimmed correctly, and to avoid any potential risks. 


Our professionals at Blue Ox Tree Care have the dedicated knowledge and experience necessary to safely and correctly trim your trees, to improve their overall longevity and help them thrive!

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